Woman falls off 50 kilos and shares with readers honest reality


Woman falls off 50 kilos and shares with readers honest reality

We have become so used to ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of slim, smiling, tanned people showing their new body after a waste process. The reality may be quite different: Elna Baker lost 50 kilos and displays on the blog refinery29.com a detailed and honest glimpse -also using photos- in the reality of the loss of her kilos.


Hands first glimpse of reality weight loss


Elna Baker describes in a guest blog detailed the changes that underwent her body while losing 50 kilos. Her post ( ” What losing 110 pounds really looks like ‘ ) gives readers a firsthand glimpse into the reality of the loss of tens of kilograms.

“After losing the weight, I had so much extra skin that I could lie on my side and the skin easily could pull in all directions. For a long time I tried to get off the skin with lotions and exercises. Eventually I ended up at the plastic surgeon. This I did not change my natural look, I wanted to get my body just as it would probably have been if I had not arrived. ”

No smiling ‘after’ pictures

Elna after weight loss and for the operations (l) and after the operations (r)
Elna after weight loss and for the operations (l) and after the operations (r). Photos: Jessica Peterson

No smiling ‘after’ pictures of Elna so. In total Elna had four interventions: a breast change to restore her breasts to the original size and shape, a body lift, a circumferential beltlipectomie and a thigh lift. Now she has several scars and despite the surgery, still too much skin. She jokingly calls himself a flying squirrel, as she spreads her arms and legs.

body image


Obesity is a challenge for many reasons, not least because the disease alters the body image and self-confidence. Every day men and women are bombarded with images that tell us how we should look. When we lose weight, there reappears a new problem, as Elna describing:

“I now belong to the world of the people of average weight. But that does not mean that everything is over. I thought about all the things I had done with my body: I was hated, hidden and starved. And let’s cut open. I had promised myself that I would be grateful for my body every time I would look at the scars. Then I forgot about this promise. How is it that I’m back to square one, and just trying to have a relationship with my body? ”

Elna shares the advice she received from her therapist, who helped her to see the problem differently: “Use no longer the past to poison the ‘now’. Prevent yourself no longer to get the things in life that are now available for you. “This opinion is valuable for people with any problem whatsoever. A victim mentality can happen nothing productive and find every time repetition instead of the same feeling. The recommendation made by Elna at least for an ‘aha-experience and made her realize that she could see her body as she wanted. Previously, she had chosen to hate:

Elna after weight loss and for the operations (l) and after the operations (r)

“It really dawned on me. I can see my body as I want. Hating, had become a part of my identity. Instead I’m the owner of my body, I’ve let the world tell you who to be and how I should look. I turn away from the downward spiral of shame and self-hatred. I do not know about you, but I’m tired of striving for beauty. It has 10-20% of my life and thoughts seized and deprived me from doing more important, honest and loving things. ”

Disease that needs to be overcome

Everyone should accept himself for who he / she is, Elna believe, though for her is still a struggle. We are our own worst critics. Self-acceptance does not mean that there are no goals -streven to a healthy weight, better eating habits and more movement- but the mental abuse which you yourself can greatly damaging topics and keep away from targets.

Elna calls this “disease” that needs to be overcome.

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