Why not serve low-fat diets
Tips to consider when putting together your diet
In recent years it has demonized fats. Within the market products are launched reduce especially designed for those who want to lose weight fat. However , recent studies have shown that you can get better results (not just in terms of losing weight, but gain health) by choosing low – carb diets and low-fat sugars .

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There are several points to consider when thinking about a diet low in fat Testomenix testosterone booster

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saturated and unsaturated fats in the diet

If you’re losing weight you probably know this, but it never hurts to review it. There are two types of fats: saturated and unsaturated. The first are those that are present in meat and meat products such as milk and eggs. They are also added in industrial products such as candy and cookies (here’s the problem).

This type of fat should not constitute more than 10% of the calories in the diet . But this does not mean you have to be excluded altogether. If you eat in controlled amounts will have access to their biological functions such as regulation in the expression of several genes, cancer prevention, regulation of hormones and the connection between cells and their immune function.

The bad part is that saturated fats are directly related to the increase in bad cholesterol, but of course, this happens if you eat in large quantities. Besides excessive drinking does make gain weight because they increase adipose tissue, especially in the abdomen.

Consuming saturated fats directly from natural sources such as meats is the best choice, because you can find in processed foods are of very poor quality and not at all recommended.

Meanwhile unsaturated fats (fats but finally) are of plant origin, found in olive oil, nuts and seeds . Provide good quality calories, keep blood lipid profile and are beneficial to cardiovascular health.

In conclusion, your body needs all kinds of fats, but you should know control when you consume each to reap its benefits and avoid its negative contributions.

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Studies on the effectiveness of low-fat diets

Several studies have shown that low – fat diets do not ensure weight loss long term. Current recommendations say it is better to choose a diet low in carbohydrates and sugars (both highly addictive and present in virtually all processed foods). The core of restrict fats in a diet is that one gram of it has more than twice as many calories as carbohydrates or proteins, but its nutritional content is different.

By giving simple and concise examples, it is shown that although nuts, such as walnuts, are rich in fats is not related to weight gain in the long term. However, choosing carbohydrate foods such as potatoes or refined flour and soft drinks (along with other foods rich in sugars), which contain no fat, if they are associated directly to weight gain .

It was also shown that the choice of a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat gave better results than one where only fat is removed.

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What happens in the market with bajso fat foods

The best diet you can follow is a varied, without excesses and with 100% cooked meals at home . Shelve packaged and processed products is the first big step to lose those extra kilos. It is that many of the foods that claim to be low in calories they compensate by adding sugars, starch, carbohydrates.

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Moreover , the way to promote these products makes trust you can eat all you want and really is not. For example, eating a yogurt that promises to have 50% fewer calories than traditional does not mean you can eat 4 servings , so you ‘ll be eating two traditional yogurts and yet the contribution of sugars and added that this entails.

Of course you also remains the quality of fats you eat, is not the same as the contribution of fat from a hamburger that would cut fatty healthier and more nutritional intake.

In conclusion, a balanced diet with saturated fats, unsaturated and all essential nutrients, in normal portions, without repeating dishes and 4 or 5 meals a day, combined with physical exercise are the best way to lose those extra kilos. there are no magic formulas or deprivation that allow you to lose weight from one day to the other. Seize the nutritional power of each food group and so will achieve healthy weight loss.

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Other tips for healthy eating

This additional information you’ll come in handy, because it talks about the importance of fats, carbohydrates and some more. So do not hesitate to try these options to be more than you informed about it.

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