Contrary to the long prevailing view, sport can be harmful to the pregnancy course, you know it better today: Physical activity is in the nine months of advantage, if there are no complications or a high-risk pregnancy are predictable.

Why during the woman pregnancy should keep fit, is due to the many physiological changes in the female organism: The blood volume increases, thereby increasing the heart rate at rest. Blood pressure changes and more sensitive.

It develops an increased oxygen demand, the demand due to the higher diaphragm state an additional increase of respiratory activity. Furthermore, a pregnant woman needs more calories during pregnancy. Firstly, she eats for two, on the other hand hypoglycaemia is avoided during sport make.

Endurance sports , particularly suited to the well for the expectant mother cardiac training or to the heart muscle. It applies to weight moderately and not to expend!


A regular and extensive (aerobic) endurance training, such as walking, Nordic walking or swimming helps the heart rhythm to optimize and thus prevents the above-mentioned phenomena before. The physical performance is largely retained, and upcoming hardships are easier to compensate. Also prevents a well functioning cardiovascular system against thrombosis and Alpha Prime Elite Reviews varicose veins.

Helpful in exercise selection or even in their own uncertainty is a well-trained coach in your studio or even a personal trainer who comes to your home and help guide you professionally. Body, an altered thermoregulation and a loosening of the tendon and ligament result. Therefore, certain sports with some caution, others may be not operated.

Different exercises are shown in the gallery .

The loads should not be cause for intense (up to about 135 beats / minute) and not to high body temperatures. Fast, but also decelerating and rotating movements should be avoided, as strong shocks. Due to the increased elasticity of tendons and ligaments, it is important movements to deal with high joint loads to minimize the risk of injury.

In addition, adequate hydration should be ensured to the mineral intake during exercise, inter alia in respect. A risk of falling should be no.

The increasing body weight and the changing center of gravity in pregnant women mean higher charges for the active and passive musculoskeletal system. Balance problems or back pain, especially in the lumbar spine may be possible sequelae.

With functional strength training can counteract these developments targeted.

Basically this should not exercises are carried out, the increase blood pressure greatly. Rather should content with relatively low stress structure, but are higher reps in focus. Certain positions, such as the deep squat position or the long persistence in the supine position are rather unfavorable. It should be on a uniform breathing (no forced breathing) are respected.

To prevent the possible back pain that can be caused by the increase in body weight or the subsequent wearing of the baby, the strengthening of the back is particularly important. In addition to antenatal abdominal and pelvic floor should be strengthened to ensure a more rapid recovery after childbirth.

Optimally, you should have been physically active before pregnancy. Then the appropriate exercises can be continued at a slightly reduced intensity. Sport Beginners need to be very sure that they work properly and do not overspend.

Likewise, the amount of exercise should be somewhat scaled back in the advanced stages of pregnancy. Contraindications for sports are: nausea, dizziness, pain, bleeding, disease, you thereby etc.Hören on her body – well-being is at the forefront!

Immanuel Schmötzer is the author of this article. He is a personal trainer at siga-sports and is supporting us as a fitness expert available.