What does the smell of sweat on your health
Sweat says more about your health, mood and fitness than you think. What let the body odors of ourselves and others know about us?

You need more salt

Salty sweat is your body’s need for more salt. When you sweat stings your eyes, burning leaves in an open wound or white streaks on your clothes, you could take some extra salt. Use some more Himalayan or Celtic salt in your diet, instead of a sports drink or make a sole, a solution of Himalayan salt in distilled water. If you find it, you can do this a teaspoon in a glass of water.

A sole (saline solution), contains 84 minerals, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and, of course, sodium and chloride. In addition, sole contains all of the trace elements, such as iron and zinc. Because you Celtic sea salt dissolves in water, the minerals are so small that they can be directly absorbed by your cells.

How to create a console? You take a well-fitting, clean pot which you fill with 1/3 Celtic or Himalayan salt. You adds 2/3 distilled hot water to it, and shake it. Salt remains on the soil; this is the salt that can no longer be resolved. Each shake them before use, so that the minerals and the like well be dispersed in the water. You now have a mineral-rich drink, sports drink and you do not need.