Water tangerine and blueberry slimming


Water tangerine and blueberry slimming
Nourish and thins the same time
Are you looking to lose weight , but you want to do naturally? One of the best and most effective ways of doing this is by consuming fruit juices .


Other juices and slimming waters
Lest you get bored of always drink the same, in this article you will learn to prepare one very original. Do not miss it!

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Why drink water and juice is healthy Testomenix Reviews

In case you not know, I tell you that there are several scientific studies that have shown that water and natural juices, are able to increase your metabolism , helping you lose weight easily. In addition, they cause your body to detoxify toxins, impurities and excess liquid retained.

Another benefit is that you satiated, nourish and help to naturally fat cells of your body excrete more easily. Are you bored of always drink the same variety of juices? Notes the below.

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Preparing water tangerine and blueberry


7 cups cold water
3 tangerines Shelled
1 cup blueberries

Place all ingredients in a jar, sweetened with stevia and keep in the refrigerator for a day to allow fruits are infused in water .
If you want you can also squeeze an orange and añadírselo to intensify the flavor a bit.
After this time, remove from refrigerator and serve with ice.
Ready! You have prepared your drink burning fat. Interested to know how it works in your body to help you lose weight? Notes the following lines.

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slimming benefits of this drink

Nourish your body . This juice will give a great contribution of nutrients to your body, as both blueberries and mandarin oranges, contain large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants.
Prevents fluid retention . Blueberries especially promote the kidneys function more frequently, thus helping to eliminate excess fluids and desinflamarte.
Increases metabolism .
Improves digestion . Its mild acid flavor encourages the work of digestive enzymes helping to better assimilate nutrients from food.
Increases satiety . Its rich in fiber will keep you satiated for longer, which will benefit you to not consume high- calorie foods.
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Other juices and slimming waters

If you see water and fruit juices as an effective treatment for weight loss , a point that you must keep in mind it is not to make the mistake of always preparing the same, as soon get bored. The best thing to do here is change, seeking new alternatives that encourage you to follow up on them. I recommend to take a look at those in the list below.

Oatmeal water . You’ll find an interesting video where they will explain step by step how this drink is prepared and what their benefits to help you lose weight.
Lemon juice and garlic . You will discover the steps necessary to prepare this drink intense flavor, but very effective for weight loss.
Water lime, cucumber and ginger . You’ll know how this drink is prepared to cool and keep you hydrated throughout the year. But it also will help reduce fluid retention and burn fat. It is ideal to accompany your diet low in calories and fat.
Water eggplant . You will learn a very simple and quick to prepare this curious drink recipe, which has great qualities to help you lose those extra kilos that annoy you.


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