Through the innovative “Tree Yoga” you lose the ground under their feet – and gain a new body feeling We put the new trend sport before..

Simply hang times – the “Tree Yoga” (engl. “Tree Yoga”) is strongly encouraged because the new, unusual modification of asana teaching you exercise, held by ropes, on and in the tree inventor Hal! Pruessner from Texas (USA) says: “A great opportunity just for more immobile people how to profit from me yoga effect.”

While (around 63 euros) two red, a harness-like loops of the “Tree Yoga Multi-Sling kit” body weight and the balance hold, you can concentrate on the correct execution of its asanas – and the side-effect flexible and lean be. in one hour you burn in this workout up to 600 calories.

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Exceptional: So the yoga exercises go on the tree (5 pictures).

The exercises – in which one pulls the trigger in part with the feet on the trunk or branches – train especially abdominal and thigh. Ideal: rich Just a few minutes to relax, fixed times there for “Tree Yoga” not “I myself came during a morning walk on the idea. Yoga try in the tree, because as ex-paratroopers missed the feeling in the air to float, “says Pruessner.

“Today I train like the afternoon with friends. . There is always something to smile about when a movement does not work right the first time “as flexible as in the time one is in terms of location: Just take a tree with more than 15 centimeters branch diameter – and fun on sagging.