This garlic-honey tonic revitalizes and strengthens

This garlic-honey is excellent tonic for vitality and maintaining good health. You can vary it by adding other ingredients such as cinnamon. The basis of the tonic consists of garlic, honey, apple vinegar and lemon. Each again has its own advantages, and the combination has a synergistic effect.

Garlic, strong and healthy

In almost every cuisine around the world use garlic. This strong-smelling herb is very powerful and has been used for thousands of years by various complaints. In Asian countries is often fried garlic. The ancient Egyptians used garlic for infections, and physical weakness and athletes in ancient Greece used it to improve their performance. The Romans gave it to soldiers and workers. In Oriental medicine one writes to avoid it for rheumatism and heart disease. In China and Japan used the already traditionally against high blood pressure.

It is the allicin in garlic that makes it so healthy. Allicin is also the equally healthy relatives of garlic, leeks, onions and chives.

Cardiovascular, and … roundworms


In particular, the heart health is supported by garlic; it helps with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and prevent coronary disease. It can reverse the effects of atherosclerosis. ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) Even when hay fever lit the herb symptoms. ( 4 ) And it kills roundworm. ( 5 )

old recipes

Garlic is mentioned in ancient recipes (such as recipes from the Bald Leech’s Book ), and an anti-aging elixir (2000 years old) and a recipe for knoflooktinctuur 5,000 years old. The herb strengthens the immune system, keep arteries healthy, revitalizes and fights fungus and parasites. Other important features: it detoxifies, especially in combination with ginger and onion.

garlic Odor

Of course there is one drawback, which especially applies to the area of the garlic consumed more: the fragrance that it spreads through the mouth and pores. Fortunately, nature has since also found something, but read in 7 natural remedies for bad breath ‘ .

raw garlic

Because the structure of the active ingredient allicin is lost by heat, it is better to consume raw garlic. For best results crush and chop you, and leave you standing fifteen minutes before you eat it. Chopping activates a chemical reaction, which allicin better bio is available. Garlic on an empty stomach to improve absorption.

Honey, over a natural sweetener



as medicine The history of honey goes back thousands of years. And we hear about honey -just like about garlic regularly on study results concerning the beneficial effects on health. Honey is more than a natural sweetener, which is obvious.

The first people gathered honey were probably the Indians, although there is not much evidence. How it began: at some point in history was honey in many cultures a folk remedy worldwide. Hippocrates used honey as a base for his formulas, and ancient physicians such as Galen and Dioscorides put this on. Documentation of honey as medicine goes back over 4000 years.

The benefits of honey

We know that it is antibacterial ( 6 ) and ensures a faster wound healing . There are also indications that honey blood sugar and oxidative stress regulates diabetes ( 7, 8). And it has a beneficial effect on the liver ( 9 ). Cinnamon improves insulin resistance, some honey and cinnamon makes a good combination. ( 10)

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research reported that honey in combination with cinnamon can inhibit cancer growth (J. Chem Pharm Res, 2010, 2 (1):… 385-395).

Honey is not honey


We often think that ordinary honey is honey. Lab tests show that there is a difference in the honeys in the amount of vitamins and minerals. Depending on the plants that have visited the bees, some honey can contain a high loading of certain nutrients and phytochemicals.

Manuka honey is not so unique

Unifloral manuka honey versus more flowery Tualang honey

Since a few years Manuka honey is very popular. And although this honey heaven is praised, it is not so unique medicinal power.

Manuka honey is unifloral honey. And the more flowery Tualang honey (a Malay honey) compares an independent investigation with Manuka honey, found that Tualang honey contains more phenols, flavonoids and 5-hydroxymethulfurfural. ( Comparison tables )

Tualang honey has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic qualities and contains a lot of antioxidants. Some of the properties are equal to those of the well investigated Manuka honey from New Zealand and Australia. But so are clear differences in phenols, flavonoids and 5-HMF. Tualang honey is also effective against certain gram-negative bacteria strands burns.

If you want quality honey let your note;

Is the honey harvested with an electric knife? (Loss of enzymes)
Filtered honey? (Only the major components may be filtered)
The pasteurized honey? (By pasteurization honey loses healthy ingredients and flavor)
When harvested honey (if in spring or at the end of last season: better protection against pollen allergy)
How the bees are fed? (Sometimes bees fed with fructose syrup or sugar water. So try to find honey from bees that eat their own honey)
A good way to consume raw garlic and honey by means of 2 to 3 chopped garlic cloves mixed with a spoonful of honey.