These are the six plant extracts with the best anti-aging molecules -Study


These are the six plant extracts with the best anti-aging molecules -Study

Canadian researchers have identified six plant extracts that have the best anti-aging molecules. The study is published in oncotarget. Which plants are the ones that contain the best anti-aging molecules for longer life / against age-related diseases?


Plant extracts for extending lifespan

In the new study, published in oncotarget, report researchers at biotech company Idunn Technologies that they have uncovered components of which has been proven to prolong the lifespan of yeast, and probably also of people.

A delay process of aging at the cellular level

For the study, more than 10,000 tests were performed to screen plant extracts on their life-prolonging properties. The researchers say that the aging process at the cellular level in humans the same place as in yeast, making their research into the best cellular model to understand how the anti-aging process occurs in humans.


“We found a total of six new groups of molecules that inhibit the chronological aging in yeast,” explains senior author Professor Vladimir Titorenko.

According to the discovery Titorenko is quite significant, not only for the delay of the aging process, but also to prevent age-related diseases, including cancer.

“Instead of focusing on curing disease, interventions regarding the molecular processes of aging, the onset and progression of most age-related slowing processes. This type of intervention has a much greater effect on healthy aging and longevity, treatment of individual diseases. ”

New molecules available soon

The results provide new insights into the mechanisms by which the plant extracts slow the biological aging, Titorenko explains. He also reports that the new molecules will soon be available in commercial products

The six most powerful anti-aging extracts




One of the six most powerful life-prolonging extract is the extract of willow bark; This extract is also the source of a form of the active ingredient in aspirin.

The study author is referring to salicin, the substance also in the article “Top 16 natural painkillers for chronic pain” is mentioned.

Willow bark was used a lot in the time of Hippocrates, then had to relieve pain and fever. The study shows that it extends the average and maximum chronological life span of yeast, respectively 475% and 369%. This represents a much greater effect than rapamycin and metformin , the two best drugs for anti-aging and longevity.

The next step of the researchers working with animal models, and two models of cancer.

The other five plant extracts with the best groups of anti-aging molecules:

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