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The best light and healthy recipes, Susi Chamorro
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Susi Chamorro is responsible for the blog Choosing Susi (http://adelgazaconsusi.blogspot.com) , which usually makes you get best recipes so you can stay in shape. Today, she will tell on this site what their best dishes so you can take your table. Do not miss it!

640px Rice Bean Salad

640px Rice Bean Salad

Recommendations to eat better and lose weight, Susi Chamorro Fake Testomenix Pills

How you started to get into the world of nutrition?

‘I come from childhood, at home my father always had to watch your diet and had many books on nutrition and dietetics I drove them away. And in high school he was not sure that study, so it’s like a friend recommended I study Dietetics, as I knew that I liked nutrition and I went there without thinking twice. The pity is that we are not recognized by the Ministry of Labour here in Spain, and companies do not know us too, but we can even work on food control laboratories.

Can you recommend any recipe that, in turn, be slimming, purifying or help the body to “clean” for its natural properties?

‘In principle, purifying itself, but slimming alone, no. There is no particular food that makes us lose fat ingestion and less in localized parts , so we need to get a negative energy balance that makes the body burn fat tissue spare us for energy. Explained this, a cleansing recipe to help eliminate toxins, and diuretic function could be a cleansing vegetable soup (prepared with turnip, celery, cabbage and carrots), accompanied by an orange and green tea for example.

What kind of food do you recommend for a person to lose weight and get fit?

Every patient is different , but the best diet is the one that makes us change our eating habits, we must learn to eat to lose weight and keep and not prohibit any food , so can occasionally take food very high density moderation caloric.

It should also be a balanced and varied diet composition should contain 50-55% carbohydrate avoiding high Glycemic Index A , 15% protein and 30% lipids, avoiding saturated fats and also include many fiber, vitamins and not forgetting the water should be abundant.

These percentages may vary depending on patient needs, for example, if too hungry is passed, the protein can be increased as it has a satiating power. And finally do not forget exercise , find an activity that is enjoyable to perform.

How should be the lunch or dinner from a person who is on a diet? Any recipe to recommend at that time of day?

– The food must provide between 30 and 35% of total energy of the day . It must also contain: a good dose of vitamins, fiber and minerals in the form of vegetables and / or vegetables, depending on physical activity and weight us about a portion of carbohydrates, better if they are integral, part of proteins, mainly eggs, low – fat meat, but better if fish. And a fruit or nonfat dairy dessert.

A very original and rich recipe, which serves as a single dish, accompanied by a slice of bread and a fruit is this, zucchini spaghetti with salmon and prawns (http://adelgazaconsusi.blogspot.com.es/2015/06/ spaghetti-de-courgette-with-salmon-y.html)

‘And for dinner?

-The Dinners should be almost the same as meals , except on the amount of carbohydrates that are taken to reduce their energy intake, which should be lower, it is not advisable to take vegetables, and best fish dinner or eggs instead of meat. It is also convenient to bed two hours after supper.

One of my favorite recipes for dinner is this is to prepare a pizza with tuna and vegetables flavor, accompanied by a piece of bread and a fruit dessert, make a healthy and well – balanced meal .

Finally, if you want to lose weight, surround yourself with a good professional in the field , and above all believes in you, you can achieve with a little effort and motivation, in my blog you can find many recipes, tips and menus that will make diet easier, a lot of encouragement, courage and the bull!

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