Tea cinnamon and bay leaf to lose weight
homemade recipe of cinnamon and bay leaf infusion slimming
The cinnamon tea and laurel is one of those teas that are used in various parts for weight loss. Apparently, the properties of both aromatic species would work well on the digestive system, helping to slim those extra kilos in a short time. You can prepare this recipe.

Infusion weight loss

Infusion weight loss

What is tea and cinnamon laurel?
Properties of cinnamon
Laurel properties
Diet cinnamon and bay leaf
Cinnamon and bay leaf tea: contraindications
Other remedies and tricks to lose weight with cinnamon Testomenix
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Recipe infusion of cinnamon and bay leaf

A liter of water
A cinnamon stick
Five bay leaves
To prepare this simple tea or infusion of cinnamon and bay leaf to lose weight do not have to do anything strange. You simply boil a liter of water with the cinnamon stick and bay leaves. Let it boil for 15 minutes and then turn off the heat and let cool.
Would you like to see step by step in the preparation of this tea cinnamon and bay leaf? Well then you just have to look at the following video:

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How you take the cinnamon and bay leaf

When consuming one cup per day of infusion fasting drink.

As indicated, you can drop to three inches in a short time. This could be due to the good properties that have this tea, especially how well they work on the digestive system, both the laurel and cinnamon.

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What is tea and cinnamon laurel?

The benefits of cinnamon and bay leaf tea diet are varied, but mainly characterized by its satiating, purifying and metabolism accelerator power.

Knows the properties of cinnamon and bay leaf separately.

Properties of cinnamon
The cinnamon has beneficial effects on the digestive activity , as the incentive and improvement.

Accelerates the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
It helps fight constipation
Helping reduce the annoying bloating and gas
Accelerates metabolism
Reduces appetite.
All this makes it a good ingredient to lose weight and burn unwanted fat.

Laurel properties
The bay also does its part because it provides a substance called limonene , which promotes and collaborates with the properties of cinnamon.

It stimulates diuresis and removes excess fluid
It helps to improve digestion
Reduces bloating
Prevents formation of gas or flatulence
Diet cinnamon and bay leaf

Slimming with cinnamon and bay leaf teas simply performs any balanced low – calorie diet , and drinking a cup of tea bay leaves and cinnamon fasting every morning.

These two simple ingredients, that if you do not have in your home, you get easily in any market, help cleanse and detoxify the body, because they collaborate with the expulsion of waste and reduce bloating. Combined in a single infusion give amazing results.

It is important to be consistent and drink this infusion once a day to see results.

Infusion weight loss

And you … have you already tried this tea? Did you as a result? Do you have any questions regarding your preparation? Well , then you just have to let your experiences and impressions.

Cinnamon and bay leaf tea: contraindications

Pregnancy and lactation : You should not drink tea or water cinnamon and bay leaf during pregnancy because it can be very harmful to the developing fetus and even abortifacient. Nor you can drink tea cinnamon and bay leaf in infancy, since you can pass on their assets through milk, and is not shown to be safe for the baby.
Liver problems and intestines : both cinnamon and bay leaves are highly irritable bowel mucosa for and liver, so it is best that you avoid if you have any related problem.
Other remedies and tricks to lose weight with cinnamon

Cinnamon and fruit smoothie : This recipe adds the cleansing properties of pineapple, strawberries and cinnamon, with nutritious and satiating power of almond milk. Furthermore, the combination of flavors is delicious. Learn to prepare!
Cinnamon and anise tea : a basic recipe for cinnamon tea, add a little star anise and get a fat burning and highly digestive infusion. Take the opportunity to take to eliminate bloating or water retention.
Detox water and apple cinnamon : besides being refreshing and delicious, detoxifying this recipe will help you lose belly and get satiety. Prepare it with a pinch of stevia to taste is sweet without adding calories.
Cinnamon and honey remedy : this preparation will help you remove annoying gases and improve fat metabolism. Take it whenever you feel your swollen belly to relieve inflammation.