Sea salad rich in nutrients and good for low carb diet
A fresh and healthy recipe
You want to give some variety to your diet low in carbohydrates? Then it’s time to try this delicious salad sea , perfect for a low carb menu .

Salmon salad

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Carrying a low carb diet involves some dedication and commitment to what you eat. First off, I have reduced the list of foods. You can not even take much of certain plants. This can lead to boredom. But it does not have to be like that.

Eating a salad can always be a rich and full meal. This proposal is clear and concise: a salad of sea with fish and seafood , which will provide healthy fats, omega 3 nutrients from your vegetables and very, very few carbohydrates . Do you you’re going to lose?

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How to prepare a salad low in carbohydrates Testomenix Ingredients

50 grams of smoked salmon slices
100 grams of prawns or peeled and cooked shrimp
Mix greens (arugula, lettuce, spinach, radicchio, etc.)
A piece of fennel bulb
Three or four portobello mushrooms or
half avocado
A handful of almonds
Olive oil and lemon juice
Salt and pepper
In a salad bowl, place the greens thoroughly cleaned , cut into coarse pieces, hand and your taste.
Meanwhile, cut with a mandoline or a sharp knife, fennel. Tools also mushrooms, cut into cubes avocado, toasted almonds and chop. Add all these ingredients to the leaves.
The next step will be to add the salmon cut into strips and prawns, and cooked and peeled, whole.
Season with salt and pepper, olive oil and lemon juice . And you’ll get a fabulous recipe.
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Why is this a good recipe for low carb diet

This recipe will not provide significant amounts of carbohydrates . Fennel has only 7 grams per 100 product, virtually no fungi, leaves no negative effect. Not to mention seafood, plus avocado and almonds, all focused on the group of healthy fats.

For this reason, if you are a lover of reduced carbohydrate diets, here you have a very complete and tasty recipe. And perfect for when you feel like eating an excellent salad .

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