“May I do twelve seconds long hurt?” This question can only make a man. On the other hand, what I would have given would have me other men also asked in advance if they could hurt me – also with precise chronological indication. Now, the man who makes me second question is orthopedist. He is interested in my foot. Not my heart. And he wants to take care of my well-being, my basic trust and thus my return just entertainment, all with a few anatomical gimmick and by the craftsman.

An extraordinary man so that Dr Peter Lenhart, specialist in orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy in Starnberg. Over thirty years ago, he founded a vocational school for massage therapists also taught what to do me the same: the complex therapy that starts tridimensional:


1. The pressure point method:

If it is not good to us – whether physically or mentally, we sink together – this is called diffraction patterns. In the left elbow a point docked directly to the autonomic nervous system – a few seconds and firmly pushed painfully, the diffracted man aimed seen again.

In the thorax treatment the pain is similar to when drilling the finger of the doctor deep in the chest to loosen the breathing. The effect is amazing: just after the elbow treatment is the squat, how much more flexible the body is back, after the chest-Treatment the shoulders pull back, the entire upper body straightens up, breathes freely, acting proud.

2. The Trapezius massage:

This almost disembodied touch the back resembles a motherly caress and ensures the release of oxytocin, the nonapeptide flatters us emotionally – and thus precisely reawakened that basic trust in us that often goes verschütt in everyday life.

3. The PIP pad:

Is a small sole that stabilizes the metatarsals, making the sensorimotor feedback between brain and feet working again what the body feeling improved. Many dancers of the Bavarian State Ballet have discovered this sole to the bump in itself. As a small pillow glue the PIP namely fits in ballet shoes. Or Pumps: As soon as I wear the pad, are my steps bigger shoulders tighter.