Maca shake to lose weight without losing energy


Maca shake to lose weight without losing energy
A refreshing, nutritious and satiating drink
Your low calorie diet makes you feel energized? Do not worry anymore! The maca can help you eliminate all your fatigue , replenish your energies and also to lose a few kilos naturally. Discover all its secrets in this article. Do not miss it!


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What is maca

Maca is a root vegetable native to the Andes , especially Peru, where usually grows wild. For centuries the Andean people know the great healing power of this exotic root and used it to treat different diseases.

Especially to improve fertility and strengthen the body ‘s defenses. At present , numerous scientific studies to maca you have made to check their healing benefits, by which they could meet their high nutritional value and their ability to keep you with energy and optimism despite your diet to lose weight . Testomenix side effects

For your benefits you can consume it in different ways, but very easy to assimilate is adding the powder to fruit smoothies and vegetables. Do you want to learn how to prepare one? Notes the following recipe.

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How to prepare a shake maca to lose weight



1 cup almonds, grated coconut or hemp milk
1 banana or banana
Half teaspoon of maca powder
1 tablespoon of chia or flax seed
Half a cup of fresh berries
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
Honey, stevia, or maple syrup to sweeten
Preparation Place all ingredients in a blender jar and Process until well blended. Drink 2 glasses a day of this powerful and healing beaten, preferably at breakfast and snack. You will see that will help you stay satiated longer , which will be very beneficial to continue losing weight. Interested to know how you can do? Pay attention to the following paragraphs.

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slimming benefits of maca

Like the rest of the roots of the cruciferous family, maca has a very low calorie content , to give you an idea a teaspoon of maca powder will provide only 10 calories. In addition, it is a food of exceptional nutritional value because it contains numerous vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals. It can help you:

Regulate your metabolism . Thanks to an alkaloid that activates the hormone calcitonin your body. It also contains sterols that function as antioxidants can accelerate the metabolism of your cells, helping to destroy fat accumulations.
Purify your body . It is a large plant with diuretic properties, therefore, acts as a natural detoxifier, helping to remove impurities and liquids that can provoke inflammation of tissues and thus weight gain.
Regular glucose levels . It will be of great help to regulate blood sugar you eat and keep you from binging later give you cause you fat.
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Other ways to consume slimming maca

Maca tea . You will discover the steps necessary to prepare this potent drink you will help to maintain your enthusiasm and optimism diet low in calories and fat.
Maca flour . You will learn different ways to incorporate this nutritious root powder, your recipes. In this way, you’ll get your slimming and healing benefits.
Maca milkshake . You will find a simple and easy recipe to prepare, so you can enjoy anytime of the day and allows you to refuel.


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