Infusion of lavender, sage and chervil to burn fat


Infusion of lavender, sage and chervil to burn fat

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Infusion of lavender, sage and chervil to burn fat
A diet drink and enjoy
Did you eat more than usual during the holidays and you feel some extra kilos? Quiet! You can regain your normal weight in a few days drinking tea burns fat . Discover in this article how to prepare and what benefits it can offer you. Do not stop reading!


As you must know, there are a variety of medicinal plants that can help naturally treat different types of conditions, including losing weight. One of the most popular and effective ways to get their benefits, it is consuming them in infusions.

Such is the case of this infusion made with lavender, sage and chervil , thanks to the powerful combination of its active components, it can help you quickly lose weight.

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How to prepare an infusion of lavender, sage and chervil


1 liter of water
3 teaspoons chervil
2 teaspoons lavender
2 teaspoons sage
brown sugar, honey or stevia

Place water in a bowl and heat it until it boils.
Remove from heat and add herbs.
Cover and let stand for 10 minutes.
After that, filtered and allowed to cool.
Drink two or three cups of this tea a day to regain your normal weight. Interested to know how it can help you get it ? Look at the following list of benefits.

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slimming benefits infusion lavender, sage and chervil

As I said earlier, the slimming power of this drink is completely related to the active principles of plants that compose it .

Lavender . This botanically known as Lavandula angustifolia, plant perhaps one of the most known and used since ancient medicinal plants, can help you lose weight thanks to the mild diuretic activity has on your body. In this way, prevents liquids from accumulating in your tissues, preventing swelling of legs and belly above all.
Sage . One of the best known benefits of this aromatic medicinal herb is its great capacity to regulate the activities of the digestive system. Especially it will be of great help to relieve inflammation caused by upset stomachs, indigestion and binge eating. Sage will benefit stimulating the functioning of the gallbladder, fighting eliminating constipation and flatulence, expelling accumulated gases that make your tummy look more swollen and thus fat. In addition, it will facilitate the removal of fluids that usually retained in ankles, legs and feet.
Chervil . It is an aromatic herb known scientifically under the name of chervil, but you may know by its other common name: cerefolio. Its diuretic and cleansing properties are those that can help remove fluid and purify the blood and improve circulation and eliminate toxins accumulated in your body. In addition, rich in minerals and vitamin C, will help regulate cholesterol and burn fat quickly.
Already you prepare a cup of this tea?

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