In 18 months 22 kilos away


Apple chips instead of chocolate, take training inertia – with running managed Monika Gruber (38) for the awaited dream figure

“In a rehabilitation clinic I realized how indifferent I dealt with my body,” says Monika Gruber. The then 36-year-old attended her brother, who recovering from after a serious traffic accident. “I saw people who wanted ardently to be able to move again. And I made with my 92 kilos not step too much, although I was healthy!” The reason for the preponderance of 1.80 m large lighting champion: Since she was eight years previously drawn alone to Vienna, she ate unhealthy, mainly pizza, Camembert and jelly sandwiches. Often Monika was from the breakfast, which ended at noon at the latest in food cravings, they fought with fast food and sweets. With increasing calorie input, energy consumption fell: “In Vienna I stopped to play basketball too, my passion for skiing was forgotten..”


But that was in 2005 final. “Immediately after the clinic visit, I signed up at the gym and booked an additional personal coach.” He recommended Monika for slimming cardio. Running was for them only on the treadmill, then out to Renner: “Today I am to 3 times a week on the road 2, from time to time with my brother, is doing well back in the studio I’m doing more power units. . ” At the same time she followed the nutritional advice of their coach: whole grains and dried fruit instead of chocolate, lots of fruits and vegetables to avoid cravings. “In 18 months I lost 22 kilos,” she says proudly. “At 38, I am fitter than ever!”

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