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“Sex and the City” star Kirstin Davis reveals their motivational tricks and how her her film colleagues help in addition.

Mix Martial Arts and Yoga

SHAPE: For the movie “Sex and the City” you saw your fellow after a long while. One then switched to Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon and whispers that a little too much has on the ribs Kirstin Davis: In order to catch better to not even, the girls are indeed all in super form. Even Cynthia does not look at it that they brought to twins has. No, the figures of my three colleagues are rather an extra motivation for me to even stay fit.

Or herunterzuhungern on a smaller dress size – you have tried that sometimes Sure, but it was terrible?. Today I eat everything, but anything in excess. Every three hours there & apos; s something a salad, a little carbohydrates, nuts or vegetables.

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Also have a fixed schedule for training or mix more often times vigorously? I think the secret to a healthy fitness program is the mix. Repetition bored. So I like to try out new things. Pilates I mix with yoga and martial arts. Or I swim in the sea or in the pool in order to load other muscle groups.

Sounds almost as if they were addictive sport? (Laughs) No, I will never work so hard that I lose my whole body fat. I am a woman who has curves, and I have accepted. But in order to look good, I hired a personal trainer. For cardio workouts, kickboxing, many abdominal exercises.

“At the end of the evening, the bag is empty,” Because the stomach is your problem area? No, because my coach believes that the fuselage is the strength of the people. Meanwhile, I’m 100 folding knife straight. Kickboxing is one of them: If you & apos; s makes right, the power does not come from the leg, but from the way you use your body behind.

What & apos; s with typical outdoor activities Am I not targeted?. I have two dogs. With which I march at attention through the Hollywood Hills. And I’m always good sweat (laughs).

A change the health behavior beyond the 40? Certainly. The older I get, the more I work on my posture on my strength and the more I count on the proper diet for bones and joints. I have everything always, as I call it beautiful oils.

Speaking of fat: If you sin, what do you do now, I’m a big fan of MM-Schokoladenerdn├╝ssen?. Since a bag is ever on my table when I sit in front of TV. And believe me, at the end of the evening, the bag is empty.

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