How to lose 7 kilos in 14 days
Diet to lose weight 7 kilos in two weeks
If you only have 7 kilos to lose , you can draw on a quick diet that lets you lose weight in just 14 days . In this article you will find a diet of those characteristics, which you can get online in just two weeks . Do not miss it!

Sometimes lose a few kilos can be tedious because it costs them thin. If this is happening to you I suggest you do a diet can for two weeks, and with which it is Testomenix scam possible to lose up to 7 kilos . To do this, you brindaré a sample menu that allows you to orient yourself when choosing foods and portions that can consume.

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weekly menu for quick diet

Breakfast : A cup of green tea with sweetener.
Lunch : A bowl of spinach and steamed carrots with a boiled egg.
Dinner : 1 serving of grilled meat with a plate of salad greens ( just choose what you fancy)
Breakfast : A cup of black tea with a piece of low – fat cheese.
Lunch : A serving of skinless chicken grilled with a plate of tomato salad (seasoned with garlic, parsley and olive oil)
Dinner : A bowl of fat burning soup .
Breakfast : A cup of green tea with sweetener. A slice of whole wheat toast.
Lunch : A serving of grilled fish with artichoke salad. 1 fresh fruit.
Dinner : A bowl of salad with asparagus, celery and chicken breast.
Breakfast : A cup of black tea with sweetener. Two slices of pineapple.
Lunch : Mashed carrots steamed with two boiled eggs.
Dinner : A bowl of nonfat yogurt with fruit salad (if you want you can add light chantilly cream.)
Breakfast : A glass of orange juice, lemon and grapefruit with sweetener.
Lunch : A serving of grilled meat with two slices of roasted pumpkin.
Dinner : A serving of fat burning soup.
Breakfast : A cup of black coffee without sugar.
Lunch : A serving of chicken breast or skinless turkey with salad greens.
Dinner : A portion of stuffed eggplant. A fresh fruit.
Breakfast : A glass of orange juice and strawberries. 1 piece of low – fat cheese.
Lunch : A serving of grilled fish with broccoli salad.
Dinner : A serving of cooked vegetables panaché with white light sauce . 1 skimmed yogurt.
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Advantages and disadvantages of fast diets

This diet has advantages and disadvantages .

Quick results . Among the advantages, this diet fast results are obtained, therefore it may be ideal in situations in which you need to lose weight in a short time.
Among the disadvantages of this diet , you can find:

The yo-yo effect .
Food restriction that you see at first glance, as limited to only 3 meals daily.

Tiredness or fatigue that this may cause.
Who are looking to lose weight, looking for quick results . While this is very tempting, they may not be as real and permanent. Therefore, before starting a diet evaluates its pros and cons, and see your doctor to be he who will help you make the best diet tailored to your needs and tastes.

And if you take a little more time and you follow a more rational diet? In the following video we have prepared especially, you will find how to lose the same amount of kilos, but in a span of two months. Although it may seem a long time. two months pass quickly. Following this diet to the letter will be much easier and results undoubtedly will be more permanent. 😉