Guest Blog sports coach: 5 Key insights from participants during weight loss program


Guest Blog sports coach: 5 Key insights from participants during weight loss program

Today we have a guest blog by experienced sports coach Anneke Kroodsma who “Anneke’s lifestyle Studios runs in the north of the country. Anneke combines her studio giving sports coaching with useful information about nutrition. In this blog, she talks about the five common insights that get her students during the counseling process. Fun and inspiring!

Insights you get when you go into healthy weight loss

Slimming clubs, groups slim, slimming agents, slender articles … On facebook, in magazines and newspapers we are there every year buried it in January.


Many people are somewhere close to but there are also many people who say that they all know it by now.

Here, a group based in the north of Friesland, which is ” healthy and lose weight effectively calls”. As initiator of the group I combine sports group by giving useful information on nutrition.

We all know that chips is not so good but often we do not know how to get a label, there are products such as hummus and avocado and that our meals should be complete.

In the north of the Netherlands is a rural population much sitting in a traditional diet. This often means potatoes, bread with cheese and yogurt.

These are families who like to eat “normal” without too much fuss and strange ingredients. Men and children would sometimes determine the food in the family because they want to have a solid pot which is especially tasty and must be made quickly. They have become accustomed to eg. E 621 and sugar. The healthy ingredients are not so well known, and then the expression “what a farmer does not know that he does not eat” does apply!


These women often think to know how to lose weight and yet they do not succeed. They want to lose weight but preferably not too upset nutrition education in the family. A challenge for me, but it’s often a hit!

These are the greatest insights acquired by the participants of this course.

1) The role of breakfast.


Participants are often surprised about the calm that they experienced in their bodies, as they s’ morning fully (with the three macro ingredients) and healthy breakfast. They had at 10.00 am suddenly no great need to eat something and she felt brighter 12.00. The breakfast was often secondary to the crowds that morning in a family may have or do not want a breakfast that could later still. They saw and knew the value just is not a good breakfast.

2) Raising awareness about the role of fruit and vegetables.


Participants often thought that she had regularly ate fruit and vegetable neatly with the hot food. However, when writing down their food in voedingsdagboekjes, she found that she almost never ate fruit and vegetables actually had a minor role in their daily food. During the course, participants were asked to add some vegetables to every meal and in between moments can also be used for fruits, nuts and vegetables. And that was only to be tricky.


What were they still continue to do with vegetables, because often they first came out more than a slice of cucumber on the cheese, or apple and fruit. The super good result of eating more fruits and vegetables is that the participants would feel much fitter, working their guts start differently, and the funny thing is, because so had to eat so much good, there was almost no room to even biscuits etc. to eat.

3) Awareness of the presence of sugar and E-numbers.


Participants often thought that they did not get much sugar, because they had no sugar in tea and coffee and they added only sugar to boiling, for example the roots so that they did not so crazy. However, participants were given a list of aliases for sugar and for E 621 and it was explained during the course how you had to get a label and read. Thus they got the stunning realization that there is sugar in all were many more products than they ever imagined. The presence of E numbers (which are not all bad) made their familiar products to a strange mix of ingredients that they did not understand.

This meant that they had lost much more time to get groceries, for each product was reversed to read the label. But it taught the participants what choice they could make when buying a product, and that they could make a lot of products in the shelves because they were not healthy enough. This therefore gave them the insight to “read” a product and choose something else.

4) Quality and quantity of nutrition.


Often thought the participants that they ate well, all day by some, breakfast in the morning, afternoon lunch and evening a good hot meal (with sauces), between the famous gingerbread or Indian cake and okay, sometimes have a nice cake and the evening is often difficult. Then there is a need for some treats!

However, during the course they received the recognition that they ate too little during the day and that the focus was food in the evenings. And that, while they had the day nevertheless especially need their food and they sometimes started early their day. Often found that their meals consisted mostly of carbohydrates and almost no fat and protein restricted. The meals were unbalanced, one-sided and poor. After this insight you saw went better food the participants, they added more (vegetables, fats, proteins and moisture) to their meals, and they felt satisfied, energetic and strong.

5) Exercise is terrible, something tight outfits and to be tired, “I can fix that.”


Although losing weight largely be determined by your diet, add still move a key factor increasing. Participants who volunteered saw the event as a great advantage that they could directly exercise in following the course, although there (not all) saw terrible dread. The sweat, you a- rhythmic feel, what your heart almost burst out of your lungs of effort, though tired after a few minutes, really terrible, because they could see up against a mountain.


But what is she better than expected it! They started moving often and eventually became the sports, or endeavor consciously seek the max, create major muscle, within their means, but with results. They could learn from their instructor and personal trainer to move effectively, move with quality, so they got a lot more out of their movement, think of range of motion, posture, depth and correct versions.

They also learned that exercise, relaxation entails; the good feeling after a workout as well, relaxation at the end of a workout by stretching quietly and reset. Also, eg. Yoga and body balance beautiful form of exercise which, in addition to the nutritional balance, also bring your energy and your mind balanced. And stress reduction is also a major factor, if you want to lose weight.

We think, therefore all have to know how it is with health and healthy eating but there is so much hidden information that we as a layman, as a client, as a mother, as a busy working partner, do not know. Let yourself once again inform and there will be many “open doors” for your open “.

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