For every kilo over 85 Andrea should pay


Inspired by a deal with her father took Andrea Lang (29) radically from – and won thanks to Pilates, Dinner Cancelling and a lot of discipline, a new way of life

For breakfast a pack M & Ms and a croissant with Nutella, a mountain noon pasta , evening a hearty meal – and in between three bars of chocolate. What sounds like the daily ration of a nuclear family, was the normal diet of Andrea Lang was two years ago. “I had problems, food was my comfort,” says the 29-year-old. Heartache and stress test drove their weight to the extreme: a whopping 92 kilos. “I had never considered myself as overly thick, but as I spent no more pants, I was then but queasy.” The final impetus for losing weight gave Andreas father, who offered her a bet: he promised 100 euros you for any scaled-down kilo – if they would target weight at 85 kilos.


The hard mating condition: For every kilo over 85 Andrea should pay. The deal worked: “I started with a 14-day juice fast , in just five kilos tumbling”, tells the Frankfurterin, “I continued to eat normally, but stayed on the fat content of food.” Instead of conventional salami she now bought, for example salami with only three grams of fat, also had meals after 18 o’clock taboo. To distract himself from cravings, made Andrea Sport : Pilates three times a week, up to five times weekly salsa dancing. They lost in just 18 months, a further 17 kilos. The overdue 2,200 Euro wanted Andrea her astonished father then but not aufbrummen. She contented herself with 700, she needed urgently – for a grant to a whole new wardrobe.

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