Benefits of jujube to speed up metabolism


Accelerate metabolism  Benefits of jujube to speed up metabolism

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Jujube benefits to speed up metabolism
A natural fat burning
Are you looking for new low – calorie foods to incorporate into your diet? Then you’ll love to know the jujube, a fruit of Asian origin with high nutritional value and many medicinal properties. Find out how it can help you lose weight, reading this article. You can not lose this!

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What is the jujube

I tell you in case you not know that the jujube is the fruit of a small – sized shrub known botanically as Ziziphus jujuba , whose color ranges from brown to purple and black.

It is native to southern Asia, however, due to its pleasant taste, its rich nutritional value and medicinal properties , he has become known in the rest of the world, mainly in Europe.

But what are the benefits attributed to jujube? In several Asian countries it is popularly used to lose weight by burning fat . Apparently, they are right because there are now scientific studies so abalan.

If you are interested to know how this exotic fruit can help you lose weight? Notes the following paragraphs.

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How can the jujube speed up metabolism

It acts as a thermogenic agent . The jujube is able to accelerate the metabolism of your body thanks to its high content of nutrients composed of powerful antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, calcium, manganese, iron and phosphorus. It also contains Testomenix Viral Results niacin and is a great source of vitamin C. Scientists have identified eight flavonoids in jujube, among which are: the spinosyn and swertish, which have large thermogenic properties which are who will act in your body by removing excess fat tissue.
Sate the appetite . It has the feature to provide a minimum amount of calories and high in protein and fiber, which can meet the nutritional needs of your body and at the same time satiate. This will be of great help to keep your low calorie diet and prevent any weight gain.
Improves digestion . This benefit is mainly attributed to its rich fiber content, but triterpenoid saponins also collaborate with this work by helping to improve the absorption of nutrients and promoting healthy bowel movement. This will prevent constipation, inflammation and gases.
Are you willing to start eating jujube but I do not know how or where to find it? Do not worry! Takes note of the following tips.

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Jujube consumption

The jujube has a crunchy texture, sweet and sour skin and a flavor that will remind you around the block. If you acquire mature, you can keep at room temperature for approximately one week.

You can consume both fresh and dry . To consume you must peel and remove the seeds inside. You can use it to:

Accompany fruit salads and desserts
To accompany your diet low in fat and calories, I recommend you take 3 or 4 jujubes and some of small leaves that protect it , and let soak overnight . In the morning strain and drink this flavored water fasting. Repeat this action for a month and see how they begin to be noticed the good results in your body.

The jujube you can find for sale in Asian food stores in diet or some supermarkets.


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Other foods that speed up metabolism

Omega 7 . Will discover how this natural compound consumed as food supplement, can help you regain your figure quickly, helping to eliminate those extra kilos that annoy you.
Foods to activate the metabolism in the morning . You’ll know what foods speed up your metabolism early in the day, helping you lose weight more easily are.
Quercetin to burn fat . Within the world of supplements, this natural component is considered one of the most efficient in burning fat. You will also discover that there are foods that can include in your daily diet to boost their profit.


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