Abdominal fat and 12 things you should know about


Abdominal fat and 12 things you should know about

Belly fat we’d rather lose than rich; what we would look again good with a nice attitude and no spare tire! Unfortunately gives a bulging tummy us look older and is persistent. To get rid of belly fat, it’s helpful to know 12 useful things about this type of fat storage.

Without abdominal fat better in your own skin

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Of course we’d like to wear what we want, but abdominal fat has been introduced once, most fit with a heavy heart to dress it. With a longing eye, we look at the clothes we want to wear the most. The hope that the abdominal fat will ever shrunk again remains alive and in the meantime we are able to camouflage it. First there is “Phase 1” of belly fat: you can still stomach contents and generate a sleek appearance. But in ‘phase 2’ is over: how you do your best, the abdomen protrudes just out. Sometimes a drugstore corrective shorts and shirts on the shelves and the fact that there is a run on, makes it clear that many struggle with this burden.
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Without belly fat we are comfortable in our skin, we’d just lost and preferably forever. A step in the right direction is to know how it really is with abdominal fat. Because nobody likes fighting a losing battle.

Little sleep does grow abdomen

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Sleep deprivation is a major problem; it is estimated that two-thirds of the Dutch population has a sleep problem! When sleep deprivation is chronic, this has a direct effect on waist circumference for several reasons. When you are tired you choose rather unhealthy, simple food. Sometimes you drink too much caffeine and take your snacks with sugar to drag you through the day. Sleep deprivation also disrupts your metabolism and hormone balance and both are necessary for fat burning, whether it is belly fat or other fat.

Stressing over your belly fat makes it worse Testomenix working


Stress is perhaps the biggest underlying cause of weight gain and fat storage around the abdomen. Stress makes our body the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. The first gives an energy whirl that makes the fight-or-flight response and possible second instructs us to replenish energy by eating, even if we do not use that energy. Unfortunately, stress also ensures that we are going for the quick calories. Salt, fat and sugar-rich diet gets pleasure hormones are released in the brain and acts as if “comfort food.”

Poor digestion prevents weight loss

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A good diet consists of the right balance of fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates. Also, the essential vitamins and minerals are essential for weight loss. If your digestive system is not optimal, you may have a deficiency of one or more essential nutrients and this can easily result in the storage of stubborn belly fat. The way your stool is a measure expires.

Look at the ’10 warning signs of poor digestion ” to determine the status of your intestines.

If you think you have poor digestion, you can make an appointment with the doctor for a professional diagnosis. You can also take steps themselves in a natural way to improve the health of your intestines example by eating more probiotic food.

Genes may be a factor

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While it should not be an excuse to live unhealthy (the genes are now once), some people predisposed to obesity. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it would be unfortunate if this is a reason for dissatisfaction with your body. In other words, let the genes do not stop to apply CPU. Although you probably will not achieve six-pack, you can still reach your body in shape and your energy level and overall health -also are the mental- top. And a six pack or super-slim body is not the established norm, each to his own.

Consistent and proper exercise is needed

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If you want your waist size, there will still be some practice to come and watch. Do this consistently, in the correct way and more importantly … learn to love it. It saves when you’re not so much focus on weight loss and a flatter stomach, but when no goal. 1 is your energy and fitness. Be patient, and keep always in your head which you do it: to feel good and stronger. If this is the main plug-in, than the rest also comes. Sometimes we ourselves hyper focus on weight loss so that this -paradoxaal enough- demotivating. Often we make the threshold very high for ourselves.

Look what best to suit you: long walks, cycling, cardio, group classes, weight training , squats or high intensity interval training. These last three are very effective for burning fat. Do not get talked into something you should do, you are the one who must take the longest this change vol. You can also move come in everyday things: less fast hold of the car, walk more stairs. Make at least you get your daily dose of physical activity. Focus on exercises not only on the abdomen.

Why belly fat after pregnancy lingers

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For many women, belly fat after pregnancy very difficult to get off. How also into account diet, how also is trained, remains the abdomen. Although hormonal changes may be the culprit, this is not always so. Pregnancy can stretch the abdominal fascia. The abdominal fascia, the connective tissues that make up the stomach area and act as an important link between the barrier and for muscles, organs, bones and nerves, tie them together and keeping them within the same region of the body. Stretch fascia unfortunately do not come back in its original form. Approximately 30% of pregnancies there is diastasis recti: this is when the straight abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis) does not set into left and right halves. Normally, the two halves together in the linea alba. After childbirth women may not immediately do regular abdominal exercises. There are treatments for.

What you eat-or not eating does not affect directly abdominal fat

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There are a few key dietary habits you can develop to reduce your waist size and keep it that way. There is an important point that can be made herein, the changes do not work directly on your stomach, but does reduce your waist size and shape and at the same time you will have more energy and better health.

Diet that reduces abdominal fat:

Why eggs kilo killers are

Tomato juice reduces stomach size and inflammatory markers (all in one glass per day)

Stop sugar

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Everything that is not good, is probably the worst sugar. It is the largest contributor to all forms of fat, not only belly fat. Ruining your health in subtle ways, you want to know how? Artificial sweeteners are even worse. They make it difficult to lose weight. To avoid confusion and to play it safe if it does not come from nature, do not eat it.

Reduce intake of fast carbohydrates

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Bread, rice, pasta and other fast carbohydrates that are easy to digest and your blood glucose is stored prop of choice as fat. If you are prone to belly fat, you can bet that this is the place where this type of food is stored.

Eat food that speeds up your metabolism

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Protein-rich foods such as nuts, legumes, lean meat and cold water fish give a boost to your metabolism and help you lose belly fat. This works better than any diet pill whatsoever and your body will not disrupt. You can safely eat for the rest of your life.

Healthy Drinking also helps you to lose belly fat

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It may be getting used to bring healthy drink in practice, but it is important to lose belly fat. Fruit juice is no fruit. The fibers in fruit and vegetables bind to the natural sugars, making them digest more slowly. These sugars therefore have less impact on blood sugar and the less likely they are stored in fat cells. Drinking alcohol as little as possible. Flat bellies are never caused by alcohol. Although beer is indeed the worst for the belly (it is like liquid bread) all alcohol is not your best friend when it comes to smaller waistlines. Sweet wines and liqueurs are also bad for the belly fat. If you drink you better take light beer, dry red wine, no more than about two times a week.

Drink enough water , because it moves and cleans everything in your body. Drinking less water means less effectively burn belly fat. Drinking enough water also ensures that waste from adipose tissue supple leave your body without placing strain on the liver and kidneys. You can also drink water with a little extra: lemon juice in your water gives a little flavor and fat burning potential.

Stay away from sodas and energy drinks

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Soft drinks and energy drinks are often full of simple sugars that create belly fat. Even calorie free disrupt the metabolism and digestion because of artificial sweeteners and stimulants that you find in this type of beverage. There are probably some good options, but it is the shortest way to avoid them if you want to lose weight.

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