8 Tips for losing weight during (pre-) transition


The transition and pre-transition entail hormonal fluctuations. One result is weight gain and it seems difficult to shake off the kilos. Yet it is possible. In this article: 8 tips for weight loss during the transition.
Why do women during the transition?

It is through a combination of factors: hormonal changes (decrease of estrogen), poorer sleep (a feature of the transition, and sleep deprivation promotes weight gain), depression (not want to exercise, lack of motivation), decreased insulin resistance (cells make insulin less well), loss of muscle mass (increases as we get older, and this lowers the metabolism). In addition, there is the problem that losing weight at this stage of life is more difficult.

What can we do?

8 Tips to still fall off during the transition

Do not eat too calorie


Do not go on a low calorie diet. This may sound strange, but if you drastically reduce calorie intake, your body receives signals that you are in the uithongermodus. The metabolism decreases and you lose muscle mass. All obstacles to weight loss in the road (and even promote weight gain). Fatty acids we need, and the short chain fatty acids. How short chain fatty acids affect appetite positive look at all here. So do not be afraid of fat, with the exception of trans fats.

think Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet offers a lot for the cardiovascular system and a healthier and longer life. But also for weight loss you can do this type of diet the best food. Compared to a low-fat / low carbohydrate diet were more kilos lost by Mediterranean diet. (American Journal of Medicine, 2016). The other advantages are many, but a better cardiovascular health, brain does well on this food. ( 1)

For vegetables

Many vegetables and less meat, seems to be a guarantee of weight loss. For other problems, it offers a solution: muscles and joints are healthier, like cardiovascular, by doing to slow with meat and screwing on vegetable consumption. Women who went to eat more veggie lost more weight while they had not changed the calorie intake and portion size. (2)

mindful eating


We really lose weight when we eat more thoughtful? There is some evidence that mindful eating really put us over the dike to lose kilos. If you eat consciously, you eat less and enjoy more of the power supply. The main advantage is that this way of eating better saturates. So go quietly sit back and take your time. (3)

Include protein at every meal

Eat breakfast like a king, the probability decreases in diseases. It is also advisable when you’ve lost weight and want to keep weight
Proteins, but also served as an emperor, promotes offal

Proteins are converted slowly, giving feel full longer. Moreover puts diet rich in protein, metabolism to. And also important: it prevents loss of muscle mass. It is not difficult to add protein, take more yogurt, sprinkle some chia seeds through your diet or do a handful of beans in your salad. (4)

Learn to love restistentie training and aerobics


When you weights or resistance bands used during training, you take muscle mass while abdominal fat will be reduced. Doing more reps the best way would be to chase away belly fat in postmenopausal women. When combined with resistance training you can do aerobic (cardio). Jogging, jumping, rope skipping, rowing and tennis all reduce abdominal fat. Also, your muscles preservation. (5, 6 )

Do not be stingy with sleep


Too little sleep increases ghrelinespiegel. Ghrelin is also called the hunger hormone. Try this really address: reduce exposure to blue light (tablet and smartphone, for example by wearing orange tinted glasses ), drinking chamomile tea, snuff lavender oil , listen to soothing music, make sure your room is dark and you put phone. Make use of power , and ban to sleep better some sleep disruptive power off.

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