3 Natural remedies for obese patients with fatty liver


3 Natural remedies for obese patients with fatty liver
3 home remedies for obesity and fatty liver
Do you have fatty liver? Well if so and also have overweight, consider these 3 natural remedies, which you may find useful.

remedies for fatty liver

As you may know, one of the complications associated with Testomenix Reviews being overweight is fatty liver. This disease has increased dramatically in recent times, especially in obese people. If you suffer from both diseases, in addition to appropriate medical treatment, you may have to hand these three natural and home remedies for obesity and fatty liver .

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How to combat overweight hepatic steatosis

Hepatic steatosis, a name that fatty liver is also known, can be a consequence of excessive weight gain, and if not treated early and correctly, can cause serious health complications.

It is therefore important to make a comprehensive treatment that includes:

A specific diet for fatty liver and overweight , including foods that are not only appropriate for weight loss, but also protect the liver and improve their performance, such as those you’ll find in this video.

remedies for fatty liver
Medicines and natural remedies.
The latter should include medicinal plants and / or foods that allow you to lose weight and reduce fatty liver .

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What home remedies are good for fatty liver

Liquefied black radish and soya lecithin : Pica two previously washed and peeled black radish. Put them in a blender , pour a glass of water and a teaspoon of granulated soy lecithin. Liquefies and drink on an empty stomach.
Mint herbal tea , dandelion, boldo and milk thistle : Mix 10 gr. of each herb and place them in a liter of water. Boil and rest for 10 minutes. Strain and drink up to 3 cups daily preferably before breakfast, after lunch and dinner.
Artichoke infusion : This infusion allows you to cleanse the body , facilitating the emulsification of fats and favoring their elimination.
If you are obese and suffer from fatty liver , these three natural remedies can help you lose weight and improve liver function. Remember always, it is advisable to consult your doctor and placing an appropriate diet to prevent fatty liver complications .

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Other natural recipes to protect your liver

Green smoothie. This recipe based on raw fruits and vegetables is ideal to detoxify your liver and purify your body. Include it in your diet and not only improve your liver function, but also will help you lose weight.
Congee and vegetables. Another great recipe for both your liver and diet. Try it and you will see how it is satiating and comforting, without giving more than a few calories.
Cura lemon. Lemon is definitely one of the best remedies. This cure based on lemon wonders will come in to clean your liver, while help you lose weight.


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