15 Side effects of diet pills Redotex
Effects and contraindications of the anorectic capsules Redotex
The Redotex is a medicine used to treat obesity and acts by stimulating the satiety center, producing an anorectic effect . However, Redotex tablets, like other drugs used for weight loss, have adverse side effects and contraindications that you should consider to avoid undesirable consequences.

Appetite suppressants and other weight loss drugs

Redotex containing pills
Price Redotex
Conclusion on the use of Redotex
A natural and safe alternative to Redotex
Home Remedies to lose weight safely without pills
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What is Redotex and how it works to lose weight?

The Redotex is a drug used as an aid in the treatment of obesity and acts by different mechanisms , from the diversity of active principles therein.  Testomenix supplement

What is the Redotex? Mainly to achieve the following results:

inhibit appetite, it is said to have an anorectic effect;
stimulate the center of satiety .
Redotex results are very fast. However, Redotex pills have adverse side effects to consider.

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Risks and consequences of Redotex

Side effects of Redotex
The use of this drug can bring unintended consequences, which may be more or less serious according to each particular case.

Dependence, because it contains amphetamines and tranquilizers (Diazepam)
Dry mouth
Constipation or constipation
Fluid retention
Redotex contraindications in pregnancy
The Redotex affects pregnancy, why should not consume if you are pregnant or nursing. You should not take it so you want to get pregnant, as the Redotex delayed menstruation and so could affect your fertility.

Redotex interactions with other drugs
You must be careful not combine well with other medicines . You should not administrarte Redotex in conjunction with:

Inhibitors MAOI
beta blockers
Alpha-adrenergic receptors
Antidepressants (fluoxetine, paroxetine, etc.)
oral contraceptives
Antacids, etc.
You must take into account these side, adverse effects and contraindications, as only the doctor can authorize and monitor their consumption .

Remember that the administration of Redotex should be for a limited time , due to the dependence that can cause the organism.

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Appetite suppressants and other weight loss drugs

Redotex containing pills

The main components of Redotex are as follows.

D-norpseudoephedrine hydrochloride : is a drug derived from ephedrine, very rapid absorption, which acts directly on the hypothalamus to produce satiety and reduce appetite. It also promotes the burning of fat.
L-triiodothyronine (T3) : it is a synthetic compound that acts as endogenous thyroid hormone; that is, it helps you accelerate the basal metabolism.
Atropine : is an alkaloid that acts on your brain to eliminate reflex salivation and gastric secretion, associated with hunger. In other words, it eliminates the physiological signs that you normally do realize that feel hunger or desire to eat.
Aloína : artificial light is a laxative that helps you avoid constipation that can cause Redotex other components, such as atropine.
Diazepam : is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic type of regulating your moods to spare anxiety and compulsive overeating.
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Price Redotex

It is very difficult to say how much they cost the Redotex pills, because they are currently prohibited in virtually everyone, because of the serious risks involved. However, there is a black market that sells Redotex pills without prescription at varying prices and, of course, illegally.

In the only country where the Redotex sold under prescription, legally, it is in Mexico. Its price is 738 pesos, equivalent to approximately 37 euros .

Conclusion on the use of Redotex

Obesity has become an epidemic that must be treated to avoid complications from the disease. The question is how to control it .

The best treatment for obesity is the one that considers the person as a whole: its food, your mind, your body. Trying to lose weight with anorectic drugs like pills Redotex , it is a double – edged sword , because you can lose kilos, but sometimes the consequences can make you pay a heavy price, even with your life. In short, the Redotex is good to achieve the goal of losing weight, but its risks are not worth it .

Therefore before taking this or any other diet drug requires the approval of a medical specialist to assess the risk / benefit equation administration.

A natural and safe alternative to Redotex

If you prefer not to risk your health after lowering easier and faster, you can go to safer and natural methods such as a comprehensive plan based on a reduced calorie diet and exercise .

The natural fat burning pills effects can be an excellent complement, helping you to accelerate metabolism safely.

Look how fat burning pills you can take in the next video.

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Home Remedies to lose weight safely without pills

Cinnamon tea : this natural thermogenic not only lets you burn fat quickly, but also helps you to purify the body and satisfy your appetite. Learn to prepare tea and cinnamon combine with other slimming herbs, such as honey or laurel, to optimize your results.
Flax or linseed : due to its high fiber content, its satiating power is also very high. With flaxseed do not suffer from hunger, simply because the seeds are inflated to enter your body and you feel like you’ve eaten a lot more than you really have eaten. It also helps you to clean the colon. Learn to prepare flaxseed and discover the best tricks to consume effectively.
Maca tea : the energizing power of the maca root helps you manage depression and anxiety associated with overweight and obesity, in addition to making you feel more active physical activity. It is also a thermogenic and natural diuretic, which can be used to burn fat and eliminate fluid retention. Find out how you make tea maca and learn more about its properties.
Hispanic chia or sage : these seeds, like flaxseed are also very slimming for their fiber content. Chia give you satiety and, last but not least, act as fat blockers and as a mild laxative. In other words, they allow you to cleanse your body and prevent you eat more. Their preparation is simple, but has its tricks: learn how you can take chia diet and what other benefits you provide.