15 nutrition tips for more energy


15 nutrition tips for more energy

Do you feel lifeless regularly and keeps your energy levels alarmingly low? Today we have a guest blog by Anita Mulderij, nutritionist at Jasper Alblas, which she gives tips how to quickly regain energy!
[Uris id = 7751] If you feel lethargic regularly and your energy level remains low, then the chances are that your diet and lifestyle play a big role in. What you do and eat in a day, can have a significant impact on how you feel.

If you follow these tips you’ll soon turn more energy :

1. Eat berries

Especially the berries in a blue, purple or red color. For example, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries. They owe this color to anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that provides more energy. No matter what type you choose, because it are all energy boosters.

2. Opt for a healthy snack

A chocolate cookie or a handful of chips in between? Do not. Too much sugar Alpha Prime Supplement or fats ensures just that you’re still going to feel duffer. Instead, take a handful of unsalted nuts, an apple, a bowl of Greek yogurt with a little honey or a smoothie. Not only can you enjoy a sensible snack, it also gives you more energy you need.

3. Drink lots of water

Too little water to drink the major cause of a lack of energy. If you’re constantly (unconsciously) dehydrated, you will experience a long feeling of fatigue. Drinking enough water is therefore of great importance. No idea how you’re getting enough water in a simple way? Take a bottle of half a liter them to work or study so you can easily keep track how much you have consumed and how much you can still drink.



4. Drink coffee in moderation

Ie dwell on when and how much you drink. Drink coffee preferably at the beginning of the day, well before lunch and then no more. So you avoid it later in the evening you get to sleep. Also, try not to drink more than two cups of coffee per day.

5. Avoid fast carbohydrates but opt for the slow

So do not eat pasta, rice, potatoes and bread but choose oatmeal, quinoa and sweet potato. The carbohydrates from these products provide a prolonged feeling of fullness and therefore give you more energy. This is unlike simple carbohydrates that much sugar in it. These carbohydrates provide a quick energy boost, after a ‘crash’ following by the amount of sugars. Avoid so!

6 . Eat soluble fiber

Soluble fibers are fibers which slow down the absorption of sugar. So you do not suffer more of a ‘sugar high’ which is followed by a “crash”. Also, this type of fiber promotes bowel movement. Examples are nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and oatmeal.


7 . Enough Vitamin C

Many studies and researches show time and again that a lack of vitamin C and fatigue are related to each other. So make sure that you get your daily dose of Vitamin C! For example, drinking a glass of fresh orange juice, or take a tablet. Vitamin C is by the way also ensures that you can shoot better from your food nutrients.


8. Eat frequent small amounts

Instead of stopping packed at lunch with sandwiches or at bunkering evening at the table, you better spread your meals throughout the day and divide it into smaller portions. This gives you a constant feeling of energy and prevents the so-called “food coma”.

9. Breakfast good, light lunch

A huge lunch caused a dip again once you step into your office. Not really convenient if you all afternoon yet fully planned state with important appointments and meetings. Instead eat a good breakfast and keep your lunch, light and small. This prevents the after-lunch dip and it also ensures that you are more productive in the morning. Two birds with one stone!


10. Avoid alcohol before bedtime

Because: alcohol keep you awake. And the harder you go to sleep, the less energy you have the next day. Even if you take the same hours of sleep a night when you’re not drunk, you might feel that you’re drinking less rested after a night out.

11 . Make a detour

A real energiedip? Then go outside. A walk at lunchtime or does wonders in the afternoon. No time to go outside? Combine your walk with that important call or appointment that you otherwise would have in the cafeteria.

12. Eat eggs

Eggs are the perfect complement to breakfast or lunch salad. Namely they are packed with proteins. Proteins give you a long-lasting feeling of fullness and keep your energy levels high and stable. Also nice: eggs can vary endlessly!


13. Snack with chocolate

What, really? Yes. If you do turn to snacking, take a piece of chocolate. Chocolate creates an endorphin boost (you will be so happy) and also gives you additional energy because there is a slight amount of caffeine is in chocolate. Tip: dark chocolate is more caffeine than milk chocolate.

14. Wake up every day around the same time

This keeps your biological clock stable. For example if you get up at seven on weekdays and on weekends until 12 noon rolls out of bed, your body can this quite confused. That’s why you often feel even slept longer if you stay in bed. What helps here is to get every night around the same time in bed. Stability provides more energy. Sleep tight!

15. Enjoy a cup of tea

As simple as can be: research has shown that every day 4 to 6 cups of tea per day drinking lowers the stress level in your body. Less stress significantly increases energy. So just enjoy your well earned cup of herbal tea!

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