1 glass of carrot juice a day reduces risk of breast cancer by 60%


1 glass of carrot juice a day reduces risk of breast cancer by 60%

Glass of carrot juice daily reduces the risk of breast cancer by 60%, AJCN reports. Carrot juice improves the antioxidant status, helps to maintain a healthy weight and protects against more!


High carotene content

During the study, which was carried out by Breast Cancer Now, it was discovered that women with a high carotene content in the blood, have a considerable reduced risk of breast cancer. This ingredient is in carrots, and in spinach and red peppers.

Carotenoids inhibit growth of cancer cells

The carotenoids reduced the growth of cancer cells in the breast. For the study compared the diets of 3000 European women were analyzed with and without breast cancer. In particular, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene were effective.

Healthy weight

Research leader Richard Berks BCN says that carrot juice also reduces the risk of breast cancer, because it also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. He emphasizes that there is no such thing as a superfood when it comes to breast cancer risk, and that one should observe several factors: “Everyone can reduce the risk of breast cancer and many other diseases by making healthy food and lifestyle choices as active, maintaining a healthy weight, varied and balanced diet and moderate alcohol intake. ” Source


Carrot juice offers more protection

Earlier studies also showed that carrot juice protects against (various forms of) cancer. What is less known is that carrot juice also protect against Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. This -and more – read in: “What carrots and carrot juice can do for you.”


antioxidant status

Carrot juice also allows for an increase in the antioxidant status and a decrease in lipid peroxidation in adults. The antioxidant status in the body says something about the number of antioxidants that are available to neutralize free radicals.

It is known that a sedentary lifestyle and eating refined carbohydrates, while garnishes too few fruits and vegetables, leading to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The link between them is obvious, and carrot juice are also reduces cardiovascular risks. For these effects they drank three months, a daily dose of 465 ml of carrot juice.

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